JUNE 17 2014

Ponies. Hotdogs. Walmart toy isles.

Here is the first episode of season 2. Watch as Mark and I cope with the social anxieties of life this summer while revisiting our favorite pass time: ranting and drinking things.

JUNE 4 2014

Mark and I are gearing up for another summer of freakish nerd madness. Now that we have fulfillment of our Kickstarter under control, we're starting to ease back into the more fruitful activities we partook in prior to unleashing this magnificent burden upon ourselves. We miss our blow-up kiddie pools, nasty cocktails, and long nights together in the rape room with nothing more than a shovel and plate of bleeding cow to quell our desires.

Now that we're ready... we hope you are too. Don't stop believe'n.

MAY 13 2014

Ok... so we dropped off the face of the earth. Here's why...

We focused all of our attention this winter on running our first Kickstarter, and since its success have been working on fulfillment as well as preparing our robot installation for our presence at the big Maker Faire in San Mateo. Once we get over that hurdle, we plan to put our feet up for a week or so and catch up on the more playful side of things. This will most definitely involves kicking off our second season of Geeky Freaky with a new episode about the experience of it all. See you soon!

JANUARY 10 2014

Mark and I went to CES to oogle at all the awesome technology... AND to promote our upcoming Kickstarter. Take a look at the highlights.

DECEMBER 26 2013

We've been super busy. Like- busy in a way we hadn't allowed ourselves to be all Spring and Summer. Without much prompt, Mark and I have switched gears and are launching a Kickstarter for a more personal project of mine. It's been a lot of work, but if we are successful, I will finally have my robotic army "Light Play", and we'll also have the experience and know how to run crowd funded endeavors to support our future art projects.

If you are interested in world domination or have a weird affinity for delta robots like we do, check out our campaign. We're producing a kit that will give you everything you need to make one. <3

DECEMBER 12 2013

This is us sitting in front of one of those fancy logo walls on a red carpet optimizing the traditional consumption of jello shots.

Sunday, Amanda and Ian threw a party at Show Creators, celebrating a year of partnership with Blueman Group. As such, they transformed their studio into an awesome hangout space where everyone could mingle, dance, and do weird shit like what we did. It was certainly a wonderful night and I have to thank them for the invite and for display some of my art in their space. =]

Fun times were definitely had... This picture sort of captures the over-the-top essence of our joint persona. My tart to your tart.

NOVEMBER 30 2013

I had a dream this week that Mark and I were seeking refuge after society collapsed in an old underground pumping station that had no electricity. In the middle of the night when we were trying to sleep, we heard someone else in the building and ran. Outside the pumping station there was a huge hill casting shade over the door we exited from. At the top there was the silhouette of willow trees filled with berries, which a woman in a milk maiden dress and cowboy boots who was kicking the trunk of the tree to coax the berries to fall down. When the grass was saturated with fallen fruit, the woman summoned a giant muppet from the earth, who spun around really fast and attracted all the berries from the ground with static electricity. Once we got to the top, she offered Mark and I some of her bounty out of a basket claiming it would give us 20% more health, which we'd need to go back and retrieve Mark's Metcal that he left back in the pumping station.

NOVEMBER 19 2013

This is the story of how Mark and I met one foggy winter night on a train going from the Bahamas to Camelot.

Old English Malt Liquor never tasted so good... Mark knows how to treat a lady flower when his roosters up to pluck. - Wait, what?

btw, he kinda tastes like calzone.

I'm bad at singing. Be warned.


NOVEMBER 17 2013

So, episode 8 is out. It's been a while, but what can I say... we've been busy. Between battling the mac store, ordering new furniture and drinking exotic cocktails on Mark's new patio set we've been swamped. If you can stomach it, take a look. I rip some of Mark's hair out after slathering him in lube, he plays banjo, we send wandering spirits back to the nether. Fun times.

NOVEMBER 15 2013

Leave it to chance. What might happen when a lonely Polish girl gets on a train with a quiet and unassuming stranger is up to your imagination to decide. We'll just paint the setting. Our new short 'Midnight Train' should be out soon... along with Episode 8.

Now for some hardcore pierogie making!

NOVEMBER 10 2013

This week, Mark went with me as immoral support to the Mac store so I could get Steve surgically removed from my laptop. I was expecting the worst and to my surprise had a rather smooth, painless experience.

A year ago when I brought the laptop in for the same black-screening problem... they took it but didn't actually fix anything. The genius helping me insisted that the problem was due to something I did to the computer and sent me home with a broken laptop. Thankfully, they admitted they had 'misdiagnosed' the problem last time and fixed it for free. WOO. So, I got my happy ending and I'm updating me and Mark's site on a computer that wont spontaneously crash on me.

OCTOBER 31 2013

The "Seance" went well last night. It was a chill evening with beers, Mac parodies, and balls. Some of those balls were even covered in powdered sugar... cookies I cleverly engineered for everyone to eat while in their black turtlenecks. Tehe. Thank you again for showing up and hanging out with us. As soon as I get a hold of them I'll post the pictures we took at the end of the night.

Now that life has calmed down again, we'll get back to editing all the footage of the crazy stuff we've been doing lately, last night included. Also, Mark's couch is delivered tomorrow, so I'll finally have a place to beach myself in the afternoon when I crash from all the caffeine we consume in the early morning. WOO! Maybe Mark will serenade me with some romantic banjo sooner or later...

OCTOBER 25 2013

So, we finally got the delta robot doing something like licking..... The actual 'delta' math isn't quite up to par in the code, so for now we're controlling it manually by telling the motors which positions to go to and when. It'll do. The motors have a massive amount of torque and until we work out a slow and graceful licking motion, we aren't letting this thing anywhere near Tiberius' head... or Mark's junk.

OCTOBER 24 2013

Over the summer Mark and I made a special list of suggestive names that sit in this fuzzy grey area of whether they are drinks or sex acts. For our new web short called "Drink and Draw" we'll pick one of those names at random and debate what it would be if it were a in fact a drink, then after we make it and sample our creation for better or for worse, we'll banter about what that name would mean if it were something you'd do (or never do) in the bedroom. At that point... I'll sketch the illustration on the fly to give our viewers a visual, WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT. <3

I didn't do any live drawing for this one, but we'll have screen capture ready and my wacom on hand for our next episode.

OCTOBER 18 2013

We went furniture shopping today for a sofa to go in Mark's less than hospitable living room. Not that there is anything wrong with it- it just has three one-person chairs that don't really encourage any lounging, reclining, or physical attention.

The fun part about visiting the show rooms was trying out various ways of disturbing the over attentive sales people. Long story short, we picked out a nice grey sofa with an elegant divan and a slight shelf along the back side of the couch at Mark's waist height. -heh.

While at R C Willey we also happened to find a special cage amongst their piles of random dust collecting crap- I mean, decor. It's the first one I've seen that Mark could fit in standing up. =X

OCTOBER 12 2013

Here's Episode Seven. Better, faster, retaining its lawls yet more concise... and oh yes!- there's fire!

Watch our spoof Absinthe ritual which we partake in prior to our spill about Tiberius. He's looking good with his wicked head and all- and there is a tongue cast at this point. He's so close to licking his own lollipop we're virtually experiencing his excitement for him.


OCTOBER 8 2013


Mark and I finished the parody video we made to promote our Halloween seance later this month....... so CHECK IT OUT! -And if I haven't already said so, start shopping for your black turtleneck already!

OCTOBER 2 2013

That's right! What you're looking at right here is none other than a delta robot with a tongue. And that's awesome! This week Mark has been making some nice strong carbon fiber arms to support the weight of the end effector without bending or buckling under strain. Now that the test materials have be swapped out and the robot is in its final form, he's going to start developing some test code for the licking motion it will need to preform over and over with some degree of consistency.

We should have the delta doing something by the end of the day. The next hurdle is to mount the whole robot inside Tiberious' bird cage face at the correct angle, and do so in such a way that it stays put firmly in place while the arms are doing their sweeping.... FUN. Time for a beer.


I've been asking myself lately just how much more work I'd get done if I had a laptop that didn't crash every ten minutes or so. With my main artistic medium plagued by this "black screening" problem it's a wonder I get anything done at all. As such, Mark and I have decided to do something proactive about the issue. The week of Halloween we are holding a seance at SYN Shop to expel the restless spirit of Steve Jobs from his residence in my computer once and for all! We're even making our own ghost hunting teaser to promote the event. What does this mean for our local hackers? A chance to dress like Steve Jobs and twerk it in a black turtleneck of course... stay tuned for more details!


This week Mark and I filmed a more comprehensive summary of our progress on project LICK for episode seven. We also poured our silicon tongue which is officially the first body part we've ever cast. It is wiggly and soft; the perfect amount of life-like to weird ratio... and we've been playing with it every day like its our favorite new toy. I guess this means whips are old hat.

Yesterday was taco night at chateau de Petki, so we took this opportunity to film some bohemian B-roll to the tune of venomous Absinthe... which went swell. In more exciting news : Tiberious has officially drawn blood on both me and Mark during an audacious attempt to impale/crush me to death. Other than that, I depart for Michigan tomorrow for a quick birthday soirée. When I return we'll get back to making that cage-headed jerk of a robot lick itself, like nature intended it to.



Want to make a flog? Why wouldn't you? Keep your M in line with some sassy cat lashes... or add one to your night stand to make a statement about who's really in charge. In any case, it's super easy and there is plenty of room to get creative with this project. Let our video be your point of departure! And remember, the point of departure is not to return.



HEY! Guess what! Mark and I finally squeezed out Episode Six of Geeky Freaky! Sorry it's a week late and all. The funny thing about all the reshooting we did this past week is that we didn't end up using a single second of footage from any of it. So where the audio was fail from our first attempt, the energy was real, so we stuck with it. Alas, another lesson to add to our growing list of things to mind while making videos. This just gave us the incentive we needed to go ahead and buy those lapel mics.

I'd say we're another episode or so away form defining a routine- or whatever you'd call it. There is less content in this one, but honestly... since Defcon we've been busy making this site. Making this site and flogs. Yeah.......... cheers.


What are we doing? Making useful toys out of everyday tech equipment! Our project for this weekend is to slap together a video tutorial on how to make one of our delightfully stimulating whips. Never tried one before? Well, allow us to hold your hand while we get your feet wet.


So we have another steak on the grill... Well, it's actually not on the grill anymore. It's sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for me to slice it. It's Wednesday and Mark and I are getting ready to serve up another dose of wine-filled banter. I'm not really all that disappointed about needing to reshoot this episode, because for two weeks in a row I've had the excuse to consume a pound of meat and sit barefoot on a plastic mattress while discussing the finer things in life.-Like our progress on Lick. It's been a tad tricky getting back into the swing of things after Defcon, but now that summer is winding down and the heats off we'll be able to work with more space in Mark's garage, which would otherwise be an oven. So yeah, deltas in cages and flogs. Check it out in a few days... We wont fail to impress. ;)


Tiberius needs his head. So, in spite of the humidity, Mark and I took to the garage and did some physical labor this afternoon. -Really, I just watched and brought him wet towels while he bent a nice long piece of steel into a ring which Jeff kindly welded along the bottom of our cage for extra mounting support. This is the part we'll attach some brackets to so we can bolt the cage securely onto Tiberius' neck. The boys are working so hard. I'm helping where I can... even if that means playing towel girl for the day. At any rate, this all should get finished to some degree so that we can start jamming the mechanical bits in place later this week.... Progress is being made at last!

Tonight, we take a load off and play some Minecraft.

AUGUST 31 2013

Mark and I have been hanging out at SYN Shop today. We were suppose to begin editing episode six however concluded that due to the recording's poor audio quality and our general lack of focus on content, we will reshoot the podcast again next week. Oh darn... this means we'll have to juice up another steak and pick out more merlot. Hopefully this time we can manage to get our alcohol down before we start talking. It seems to help!

In leu of making progress on editing... we've had a fencing match with our flogs, one of which was newly made by Mark just last night. Sadly, this virgin flog didn't make it through its first time... Mark was a little too rough with it and it got wrecked well before anyone called out a safe word. My inner thighs are still stinging red as I type this. Wanna see? Check it out : Whip It Good

AUGUST 26 2013

So our site is mostly functional at this point... which I'm happy about because this means Mark and I can turn our focus over to the disco phallus and wrap that mess up before the end of the summer. Our new business cards should be in this week too!

Tomorrow we film our next podcast in Mark's spacious rape room (featured left). We'll cover our latest progress on Lick as well as tease you with some other nasty ideas we've been kicking around these passed few months (i.e. the other links on our projects page). We've got flogs, Prisoner merlot, and our ruby red tarp handy! What I want to know before tomorrow morning... is what ingredients make the best marinade? Anyone know?

...or is it better had raw?

AUGUST 19 2013

It all started with a male torso Mark picked up from the dumpster at Blue Man. We figured we would use it for something eventually so we stored it on top of the vending machine at SYN Shop this spring. In time, everyone started taking a liking to our torso. He obtained nipples, a cod piece, beach cover, and above all else, acceptance. Mark and I then named this torso Tiberius, our first child.

During the weeks we spent imaging what freaky things we'd like to do with a plastic limbless body, we developed Project "L". It started with the idea to create a machine that tested how many licks it took to get to the center of a tootsie pop. At first our visions were mostly dry and practical, but as our chattered progressed, the project evolved much like our friendship into this raw theatrical display of absurdity. So we went back to the white dummy and proposed the same idea, this time with an artificial tongue, licking the only place a properly warped mind would envision a limbless body licking. Check out more on the progress of Lick!

AUGUST 19 2013
Sarah got the site working because she is awesome... In these little happy boxes there will be updates on all the crazy, confusing stuff that Mark and I work on throughout the week. Count on video tid bits, commecrials, podcasts, illustrations, and documentation on all our 'art'. It'll be great. Grab a beer and toast the beginning of our own shit mountain. They say they will come if you build it.... so we are.
We are a couple of Vegas artists who channel our drunken conversations and freakish dreams into robotic installations, raunchy wearables, and snarky short films. We do all this because we want to have a little fun on this earth before we split the universe in half...